Hi, I’m Savannah

I am a senior product designer who leads all phases of the design process

I'm currently @ Chegg in NYC, where I design learning experiences for our highest traffic product with over 5 million student subscribers and 200+ million visitors

recent work

UI Design

Interaction Design


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Major feature updates

Changes to drive engagement with Chegg's highest traffic product

UI Design


UX Team Website

Full visual and content redesign of the Chegg UX team website
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past work

UX Research

UI Design

New customer segment

Researched and designed feature to lower friction for e-commerce customers
Case study slides

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I have a unique ability to link design and business outcomes, build excitement for UX, and find clarity in ambiguity. I’m a systems thinker and large-group facilitator. I focus on accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion in my work. I hold 6 digital accessibility certifications from Deque University.

my design story

➡️ Summer 2015
Get some money to test a business idea. The idea fails, but I’m surprised by how much I loved making the website.

➡️ December 2016

Graduate early with a bachelor’s degree in business. I like the idea of building things but I’m not sure exactly what I want to do yet. Decide to try marketing since I love writing and get to use my graphic design skills.

➡️ January 2017

Collaborate with an engineer at my company on the design of our app, learn what UX is and immediately become obsessed. Start a freelance design business, learn HTML, CSS and a little Javascript. Start workingwith a product design mentor to build out my UX portfolio & skillset. Continue freelance work.  

➡️ October 2018

Begin my first full-time product design role. Start volunteering as a mentor to help others make the same career switch I did.

Read more about my journey on the Chegg UX blog.

✏️ In my free time I write poetry and creative nonfiction. My work has been published in the magazines Blue Earth Review, Pithead Chapel, Juxtaprose, Sunspot Lit, Feminine Collective, and others.


📄 facilitation for anyone

Exercises, activities, and instructions for how to facilitate workshops of all types

📄 how to get "real" UX experience as a junior designer

Creative ways to get “real-world” design experience when you don't have much yet

📄 questions to ask potential employers

Big list of questions to ask a potential company, from seeing if a manager is good to learning what the culture is really like