Hi! I'm Savannah, a staff product designer 

I'm currently at Marqeta in NYC, where I design embedded finance experiences for our 150+ enterprise customers. Before Marqeta I worked in consumer EdTech and MarTech. 

I am a UX generalist who is equally happy leading research sessions, diving into the perfect color scheme, or collaborating with engineers on how to structure React component. 


After graduating with an undergrad degree in business, I discovered design while collaborating with an engineer on a small app at a startup. Since then, I've helped businesses in a variety of industries leverage design to create valuable and successful software products.

I have a unique ability to link design and business outcomes, build excitement for UX, and find clarity in ambiguity. I’m a systems thinker and large-group facilitator. I hold 6 digital accessibility certifications from Deque University.

Email me to see a portfolio of my recent work. 


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