Hi. I’m Savannah Carlin, a NYC-based Product designer and writer.

I'm a product designer who leads projects from research to implementation. I combine empathy, business strategy and design to create exceptional user experiences.

A little about me

I'm all about the how & why behind design decisions. I'm happiest when I'm using research to design detailed interactions and user flows. I create joyful experiences.

What others say

Who am I? 

I have a unique ability to translate big-picture vision into successful design solutions. I question assumptions, turn ambiguity into clarity, and radically empathize with users to craft valuable products and joyful experiences.

What others say

"What makes Savannah exceptional is that her empathy goes beyond just helping users have wonderful experiences; she cares deeply about how she can positively impact the world with her skills. I believe Savannah would be an asset to any team."

Samantha Hankins
Lead Designer, Coral Project at Mozilla

"Savannah is one of the few designers I’ve encountered who can combine business strategy with design to create an exceptional user experience. She had a remarkable ability to empathize with the patients and physicians who would use the app."

Adam Wootton
CTO at WorldClinic, Full Stack Engineer

"As an experienced product manager, I was astounded by Savannah’s ability to lead the design process from start to finish, working closely with stakeholders, engineers, and other designers all while keeping the users’ needs front and center."

Sam Ewenczyk
CEO of Ripple Talks, Product Manager