I love going deep into user research in the beginning, and testing key product decisions throughout the process.

my design values

Purpose > Plans

Clear goals are more important than a perfect process. The “why” behind a choice matters more to me than the choice itself.

Everyone makes design decisions

The user experience is every touchpoint a human being has with a product. Every load time, customer  conversation, and interaction with marketing content are part of the UX. My role is to facilitate the whole team in making intentional, high-quality design decisions.

People > Deliverables

I am a people-first person. I focus on fostering psychological safety, trust, wellbeing, and impact through my work. I center the input of those with marginalized identities. I believe that if your team is thriving, your product and business will thrive too.

Everyone must be close to the end user

Everyone in the company should be tuned into the current product & the reactions (good & bad) it inspires in its users—even if that is “outside” of their job description. User centered design happens when the whole team feels connected to real people it is building for.

Build for the margins to build for everyone

To me, there is no difference between accessible design and great design. The curb cut out effect is strong and underutilized. I care deeply about inclusive, representative, and accessible design.

my process

(more to come on this section soon)

flowchart that shows the design process including research, information architecture, visual design, and implementation phases of product development