A selection of my work as a product designer leading projects from research to implementation & iteration.

A little about me

I'm all about the how & why behind design decisions. I'm happiest when I'm using research to design detailed interactions and user flows. I create joyful experiences.

What others say

➡️ tailwind projects

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Tailwind is a SaaS company that makes social media marketing tools for small businesses.

As a product designer, I work with engineers, UX researchers, and product managers to lead all phases of the design process on one of our customer-facing squads.

discovering high-value product opportunity

Tailwind wanted to become the #1 Instagram Publishing Tool. Instagram marketers needed a way to drive traffic to their products and services without adding in extra steps to their workflow. I led the research and design of a solution — — a feature that has 3x the upgrade rate of our overall product.

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tackling design debt

One of our primary products had no UI updates since 2013. I built momentum for tackling this design debt through:
✶ stakeholder education to create buy-in
✶ small UX experiments that proved the value of design improvements
✶ a revamped design system and React component process to reduce future debt creation

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expanding into new customer segment

Researched and designed product catalog feature to test value for e-commerce segment, generated key UX & business insights leveraged by other squads across the company.

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conceptual work

🖍️Just for fun design projects 🤸

a habit-coach chatbot

Forming new (good) habits is a murky process. Though everyone wants to do it, they are mostly unsuccessful. As a concept project, I created a functional chatbot that helps users stick with small, beneficial habits.

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